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Pros and Cons of aluminum
What is aluminum used for?
Aluminums place on the table of elements and its properties
Physical and chemical properties of aluminum
medical and health risks of aluminum
Why should I buy Aluminum and why is it the best?
Pros and Cons of aluminum

On this page you will find a list of all the pros and the cons of aluminum

  • no rust
  • very strong
  • light weight
  • impact ressistant
  • can be molded and shaped with relitive ease (must be heated first)
  • Aluminum is a very abundent resource
  • Aluminum is relitvly cheap to buy (because there is so much of it)
  • Aluminum can be woven into wire
  • Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and electrisity




  • liquid aluminum can have cause serious health problems
  • if damaged aluminum is difficult to reshape or repair
  • aluminum can be sharp if not properly cut and sanded
  • thin layers of aluminum, such as aluminum siding can be dented from things like a baseball hitting it or a lader putting pressure on it