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Why should I buy Aluminum and why is it the best?

What is aluminum used for?
Aluminums place on the table of elements and its properties
Physical and chemical properties of aluminum
medical and health risks of aluminum
Why should I buy Aluminum and why is it the best?
Pros and Cons of aluminum

So now you’re probably wondering “so why should I care about aluminum?” well here’s your answer!

Now your probably wondering why is aluminum the best element. Well it is recycleable and we do use it for alot of things in the world , for example airplanes, window frames, pipes sometimes, and certain kinds of sculptures, motor cycles, and best of all our beloved cars.

Aluminum is also very helpful when you have an aluminum barbeque and it is left out in the rain, because aluminum doesn't rust. it is also a very hard and light element and thats why cars are made from it, and also because it absorbs impact shock for when you are in car accidents, this is why you should buy it, so if you get in a car accident the aluminum will absorb most the impact and you will be safe