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medical and health risks of aluminum
What is aluminum used for?
Aluminums place on the table of elements and its properties
Physical and chemical properties of aluminum
medical and health risks of aluminum
Why should I buy Aluminum and why is it the best?
Pros and Cons of aluminum

Aluminum is one of the worlds most frequently used metals and found compounds in the earth's crust. When one is exposed to high concentrations it can cause health problems. The water-soluble form of aluminium causes all the harmful effects of it, these particles are called ions.

the ions are usually found in a solution of the element aluminum in a combonation with other ions, for example aluminum chlorine.

The intake of aluminum can be taken place through food, inhaling or drinking water. A continued intake of it can lead to serious health risks such as:

- Damage to the central nervous system
- Dementia
- Loss of memory
- Listlessness
- Severe trembling