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Physical and chemical properties of aluminum
What is aluminum used for?
Aluminums place on the table of elements and its properties
Physical and chemical properties of aluminum
medical and health risks of aluminum
Why should I buy Aluminum and why is it the best?
Pros and Cons of aluminum

Bellow you will find a chart of aluminums chemical and physical properties

Physical Properties
chemical properties


  • Aluminum has a density of  2.7g/cm
  • Aluminum has an atomic volume ( Molar volume) of 10.00cm3
  • Aluminum has a melting point of 660.32 C
  • Aluminum has a boiling point of 2519 C
  • Aluminum has a Electrical resistivity of 2.65


  • Aluminum has a resistance to oxidation
  • Aluminums Electron Configuration is   [Ne] 3p1 
  • Aluminum is created by using an electronic method (Electrolysis) on pure Al2O3