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What is aluminum used for?

What is aluminum used for?
Aluminums place on the table of elements and its properties
Physical and chemical properties of aluminum
medical and health risks of aluminum
Why should I buy Aluminum and why is it the best?
Pros and Cons of aluminum

On this page you will find many products which are made from or use aluminum in some way.

      Aluminum is used in a great number of household items as well as many industrial equipment, what are these item you ask? Well read on to find out. Some of the common household items which contain aluminum are as follows; kitchen utensils (spoons, forks, knives, etc.) pots and pans, pop cans, pie plates, and even your lamps that light your home contain aluminum. There are also many means of transportation which contain aluminum such as automobiles, airplanes and railways. Aluminum is used in cars and trucks because it can make a very fuel efficient engine, this is because aluminum has a very low weight and with a low weight you reduce fuel consumption.


"Did you know?": In a vehicle crash involving a largely aluminum vehicle a large ammount of the shock is absorbed by the structure, and not by the people riding in the vehicle?


        Some of the other uses for aluminum are in relation to electricity, now you would think that copper would be the obvious choice because of its better ability to conduct electricity but aluminum is the choice the majority of the time, even though it has only 60% of the conduction of copper. Why? Because of its light weight and relatively strong structure it can be made into very thin aluminum wire which is then re-enforced by steel and iron and made into power lines.